Evacuating the injured
Evacuating the injuredErez Ben Simon/TPS

A foreign worker was killed Monday morning, at least seven others injured, after an antitank missile was fired from Lebanon towards Margaliot in northern Israel.

Two of the victims are in serious condition, four are in moderate condition, and one suffered only light injuries.

All of the victims were evacuated by Magen David Adom (MDA) helicopter and IAF helicopters to Beilinson, Rambam, and Ziv hospitals, suffering from shrapnel wounds.

MDA confirmed: "MDA EMTs and Paramedics are reporting a total of eight casualties in their 30s: one killed, two in serious condition, four in moderate condition, and one mild. The casualties, all with shrapnel injuries, are being evacuated by MDA and Israeli Air Force helicopters to Beilinson, Rambam and Ziv Hospitals."

In a further update to the antitank missile strike on foreign workers in a field in the northern Galilee, MDA Paramedic Eli Assouline recalled: "We met a pick-up at Metsudot Junction who had two casualties, foreign workers, who were injured by an antitank missile on agricultural land. Both casualties in their 30s had shrapnel injuries, one in serious condition, fully conscious with facial injuries and shrapnel injuries to the rest of his body."

"We provided medical treatment including bandaging and pain relief. We evacuated him to the MDA Helicopter at the Mahanayim helipad, and he is being evacuated to Beilinson Hospital. A further casualty in mild condition was evacuated by an MDA ambulance to Ziv Hospital.

The IDF confirmed, "A launch was identified crossing from Lebanon into the area of Margaliot in northern Israel."

"As a result of the launch, a number of civilians were injured and evacuated by IAF and MDA helicopters to receive medical treatment at a hospital. The IDF struck the source of the launch."