Hostages accidently killed by IDF friendly fire
Hostages accidently killed by IDF friendly fireCourtesy of the families

A spine-chilling recording of hostages Alon Shamriz and Yotam Haim screaming for help when they saw an Oketz unit search and rescue dog in the building where they were in Gaza, was published on Sunday evening on Kan News.

The Haim family told Arutz Sheva - Israel National News that the recording was published without their consent, and the website's editorial board has respected their request and removed it.

In the recording, Alon and Yotam can be heard screaming, "Help, hostages, Alon and Yotam. We're under the stairs, please help." Hostage Samer Talalka was with them.

Yonatan Shamriz, Alon's brother, criticized the publication of the recording, writing, "We saw the debriefing in Glilot, in a meeting with a group of smug officers. When they played the recording, my mother left the room, because she knew she wouldn't be able to cope with it. I listened, the tears were running down my cheeks and my blood froze for a few minutes. I thought it was behind us – no one should have to hear this. And now the IDF is leaking this and psychologically terrorizing us, just like Hamas. Now it's out, forever. Long live the State of Israel."

Kan News clarified, "The heroic recordings of the late Alon Shamriz were broadcast with the permission of Alon's father, Avi Shamriz."

The investigation findings indicate that during days of intense fighting in Shejaiya, an IDF soldier fired at three figures, whom he identified as a threat. He hit two of the hostages, who were killed. The third ran away.

The commanders called to "cease fire," in order to identify the third person. After about fifteen minutes, the battalion commander heard cries in Hebrew, "Help" and "They are shooting at me," and ordered another cease-fire, calling out in Hebrew, "Come out in my direction."

The person stepped out of a building in the direction of the IDF forces. Two soldiers from the force, who did not hear the order because of the sound of a nearby tank, fired at him, killing the third hostage.

An investigation of the findings and aerial documentation of the incident area revealed that the hostages were walking shirtless, and that one of them waved a white flag. The shooter was standing in a position with limited vision of the location of the hostages.

At the end of the incident, after clearing and searching, the IDF had suspicions that these three were hostages. Their bodies were transferred to Israeli territory for examination, where they found that they were, in fact, three Israeli hostages.