Hamas terrorists infiltrate Israel's border
Hamas terrorists infiltrate Israel's borderYousef Mohammed/FLASH90

The Yedioth Ahronoth daily reports that IDF officers have initiated consultations with lawyers, ahead of investigations into the murderous Hamas attack on October 7.

According to the report, some of the officers are already working with military defense attorneys, who will represent them in war investigations that are due to begin soon.

It was also reported that the military advocate general's office provides the reserve and regular duty officers and soldiers with military defense attorneys, who will support them throughout the process.

The IDF believes that the military debriefings, which are expected to be completed within two months and which will be presented to the public, will be the basis for a future commission of inquiry that will be set up to examine the failure from military and political aspects.

The military advocate general's office said: "In its professional capacity, the military advocate general's office advises and represents IDF personnel, including before investigative authorities. Naturally, due to professional confidentiality, the military defense attorney will not be able to comment on these matters."