Biden and Netanyahu
Biden and NetanyahuAvi Ohayon/GPO

Eighty Percent of Americans surveyed by Gallup and published on January 5, 2024 say the U.S. is doing the “right amount” or “not enough” in its support of Israel in its war against Hamas.

Both 40% of Democrats and 40% of Republicans interestingly said that America was “not doing enough” to help Israel. Actually, Gallup found a record high level of Americans said that support for Israel is “lacking”.

The media, which has a systemic bias against Israel, might make one think that Michigan runs America. After the Primaries there on Feb. 27th, the media has decided that because 101,000 Arab Americans voted “uncommitted” for President Biden, this is how America really feels.

Might I remind all of the pundits that make a big deal out of this, that there are 331,449,281 Americans. It is true that Michigan is an important swing state. According to current polls taken before the Primaries, Donald Trump was leading President Biden by 2% in Michigan. The “uncommitted” protest vote against President Biden was much ado about nothing. It is just noise. As one of the organizers of the “Abandon Biden Movement” said, “I and my community want to punish Joe Biden by making him a one term President.”

President Trump was the first Republican to win Michigan since 1988. With or without the “uncommitted” movement, President Trump was headed to victory in Michigan. Trying to appease the Arab Americans of Michigan will just hurt President Biden everywhere else. One cannot read too much in this display of “cutting your nose to spite your face”.

Israel has to be allowed to win the war against Hamas. There is no such a thing as half a victory. The American People are fully engaged in the effort. They have not wavered in their support of Israel despite violent protests by Hamas supporters and the Michigan Primary.

Americans know fully well that if Hamas is not totally defeated that Hamas will eventually try to repeat October 7th not only in Israel but America too. America has labeled Hamas a Terrorist organization. Terrorism must be uprooted wherever it springs up. Americans overwhelmingly agree.