Palestinian 'resistance', illustration
Palestinian 'resistance', illustrationNasser Ishtayeh/Flash90

Members of Palestinian organizations, including Fatah, who gathered today for an appeasement conference in Moscow, published a summary of the meeting that calls for continued internal Palestinian dialogue to create complete national unity.

In the announcement, the organizations listed the most urgent matters facing the Palestinian nation, with the first being “resistance to criminal Israeli aggression and the war of complete destruction that Israel is waging against the Palestinian nation in Gaza, the West Bank, and Jerusalem, with the support, assistance, and participation of the United States of America.”

The organizations also called for resistance to prevent attempts to exile Palestinians from their homeland, and emphasized that settlements are illegal under the decisions of the Security Council and the General Assembly of the United Nations.

The organizations also demanded to work to break the siege of the Gaza Strip, to transfer humanitarian and medical assistance to Gaza with no restrictions or limits, to force the IDF to withdraw from Gaza, to prevent it from establishing conquest or control of any part of Gaza, and to preserve the unity of Palestinian land.

The Palestinian organizations expressed determined opposition to separation between the Gaza Strip, Judea, and Samaria, and called to “support the defiant and heroic stand of our warrior nation and it's heroic resistance, as well as the families of the martyrs and the wounded.”

Support for the al-Aqsa mosque appears as another goal, specifying as background the attack on freedom of worship for Muslims in the mosque during Ramadan. The statement also calls for full support of the heroic prisoners and setting their freedom from Israeli prison as a supreme priority.

Similarly, the organizations declared their support for the defense of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East and its assistance to Palestinian refugees, and realizing the right of return according to the UN's General Assembly Resolution 194.