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Palestinian Arab journalist and poet Mohammad El-Kurd, a resident of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem, is having a tough time. He caused an uproar when he published a post on the X social media network "complaining" that the Palestinians "can't riot, can’t throw Molotov cocktails or hijack planes."

El-Kurd, journalist for US news site The Nation, wrote in his weird post, “You can’t protest peacefully. You can’t boycott. You can’t hunger strike. You can’t hijack planes. You can’t block traffic. You can’t throw Molotovs. You can’t self-immolate. You can’t heckle politicians. You can’t march. You can’t riot. You can’t dissent. You just can’t be.”

The post was published shortly after US airman Aaron Bushnell set himself on fire in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington in protest of the war in Gaza.

After that, El-Kurd wrote another post in which he supported a violent protest against Israel.

El-Kurd’s inciting posts drew angry responses from other readers.

“No. You can’t riot, throw bombs or hijack planes. But you could consider being more rational and less anti-Semitic,” said Christina Hoff Sommers, a Jewish author and professor of philosophy.