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If this were a boxing match, the ref would count to 10, and end the fight. Or rather, he’d need only count to three.

In the real world, it begins when Blinken delivers a sucker punch by saying that the Israelis have no rights to Judea/Samaria.

He is terribly mistaken. International Law asserts that the Israelis have the same rights for Judea/Samaria as they do for Tel Aviv.

Judea/Samaria is the Heartland.

In response, ZOA’s Mort Klein puts it like this: “Blinken/Biden lie reverses US policy, violates US treaties, harms peace, and endangers Israel’s security.”

Mort calls out Biden/Blinken as being “extremist Israel-bashers.”

As if to prove the point, here comes another White House spokesperson to deny Israel its spoils on Gaza, averring that the territory must spring back to the Arabs, even Hamas.

Even after Oct. 7? Yes, for this Laurel and Hardy duo, the slaughter of 1,200 Israeli innocents is old news, off the radar, and a time to slurp ice cream when discussing the hostages. Then Biden switched to his proposed ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, and still kept licking his ice-cream cone…as would a five-year-old.

Such will be an historical legacy, this snap-shot of our 46th president.

“Mr. President…Mr. President…one question…”

“If it’s about the migrants, blame Trump.”

“We need to know, which do you prefer, chocolate or vanilla?”

That is the toughest question Biden has ever been asked during his entire time in office. The media are his frat boys and girls.

But I digress. Soon after Biden and Blinken shrugged off Israel’s rights to its own lands, along came CBS’ “60 Minutes” to double down through reportage that reeked of antisemitism.

The long story is there to view possibly on YouTube, if you’ve got the stomach for journalism so yellow.

The short of it portrays Jews, Israelis, as monsters who for no good reason keep attacking those “innocent Gazans,” most of whom share the bloody hands of Hamas.

But the media will not tell you this. “60 Minutes” became popular when it adopted fiction as a means to get a story across.

“Tell people a story,” was how founder Don Hewitt advised his staff. Frame it so, between good guys and bad guys, and that’s your story.

Hence, the Arabs are the good guys, the Israelis are the bad guys, and the fallout from such mendacity is sure to spark new waves of antisemitism…and as if that is not enough, along comes the New Yorker to tell us that “Israeli settlers are attacking their Palestinian neighbors.”

All that within the span of a week.

No doubt that all this is coordinated to coerce the Israelis to surrender themselves for a “Palestinian state.”

What do the Israelis get from all this? Dizengoff Street.

Couple that with Biden and Blinken going off on Israel in the most negative ways, and no wonder we sometimes get that lonely feeling.

We are a people apart, after all. That is not our weakness. That is our strength.

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