Head of Kiryat Yearim local council, Yitzhak Ravitz
Head of Kiryat Yearim local council, Yitzhak RavitzDudi Avitan

A political imbroglio in the small council: incumbent head of the Kiryat Yearim (Telzstone) Council, Yitzhak Ravitz, won last night’s local elections.

No candidate stood against Ravitz. But in such a case, the residents can cast a protest vote using a green slip.

Last night, after counting the votes, results showed that Yitzhak Ravitz won 63.9% of the votes, but 36.1 voted with a green slip.

But this is only Ravitz's minor problem. As far as voting for the city council is concerned, a real drama is unfolding in the local council, as it has become clear that the largest list may run as an opposition to the head of the council.

This is the "Shatz" list that received 51.6% of the votes, while the "Yad" list, led by council head Ravitz, won only 48.4%.