Emily Hand reunites with her father
Emily Hand reunites with her fatherIDF Spokesperson's Unit

Thomas Hand, father of nine-year-old Emily Hand who was kidnapped from Kibbutz Be'eri on October 7 and freed after 50 days, said on Tuesday that Israel must “finish the job” against Hamas, otherwise massacres like October 7 could occur again.

Speaking at the World Zionist Organization's emergency conference held in Jerusalem, Hand decried those who claim that the State of Israel is not acting proportionately in the Gaza Strip.

"As a father I have no proportion about our response to what they have done to us. It was atrocious, horrendous, frightening. I never want to see another day like that. They killed my friends, family, completely wiped out. There is no disproportion in our reaction to that and we are doing it, thank God,” said Hand, as quoted by Ynet.

“And I hope we do it to the very end because if we don't all the tragedies, all the murders, the kidnapped, the raped, the tortured, it would be all for nothing. We have to go all the way to the end and finish this job," he continued.

"If we back out before the job is done it will all be for nothing. They'll crawl back in the next 10 years and it will all happen again, we have to stop it right now," warned Hand.

Hand commented on the current fight for the return of the hostages who remain in Gaza.

"Since I got [Emily] back I could have said 'great, job done.' But we've still got loads of hostages still in there. Youngsters, women, God knows what they are going through. Men soldiers, they are probably going through a terrible time. We've got to get them back. I just want to keep the plight of the Jews, of the hostages, at the top of the list of the people's minds in the media. Because everything becomes old news in the end, unfortunately," he said.