Biden and Trump
Biden and TrumpReuters

Former US President Donald Trump has won the Michigan Republican primary, multiple US networks projected on Tuesday night.

President Joe Biden won Michigan for the Democrats, securing at least74 delegates, though he was facing resistance, led by some Arab American Democrats, who are pushing for an "uncommitted" vote Michigan to send a message of protest about his response to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Abdullah Hammoud, the Democratic mayor of Dearborn, criticized Biden over his remarks about a potential temporary ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war.

"The first and most immediate thing you need to do is step to the podium and not call for a temporary cease-fire, to stop using language such as 'humanitarian pauses,' which is just disrespectful and dehumanizing, and once and for all come out and say, 'We demand the end of the killing of innocent men, women and children, and that begins with a permanent and lasting ceasefire,'" Hammoud told MSNBC.

Hammoud has been a leading voice in the campaign to vote "uncommitted" in the Democratic primary.

On the Democratic side, 117 delegates are up for grabs. For the Republicans, Tuesday’s contest will determine how 16 out of 55 delegates will be awarded. The remaining 39 will be decided Saturday at a state party convention.

With Trump’s win in Michigan, the former president has swept all 2024 GOP nominating contests to date.

Meanwhile, Trump’s rival Nikki Haley defended her decision to stay in the primary race despite her defeats to Trump.

"We've only seen a handful of states vote. I mean, look, I've said this before as much as the media wants to jump ahead, we're taking this one state, one day at a time," she told CNN's Dana Bash.

Haley suffered a defeat to Trump in her home state of South Carolina on Saturday, but was unfazed and vowed to stay in the race at least through Super Tuesday.