Yair Lapid
Yair LapidYoav Dudkowitz/TPS

Opposition leader MK Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid) will not join the emergency government, but may lend it support, he told 103 FM Radio.

"Joining the government would be a disaster, from my perspective," Lapid told 103 FM. "It would be a disaster for me, for my party - in my eyes, it is also a disaster for the country. But for a hostage deal, if [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu removes the extremists, we will provide an organized security net so that they will come home."

"This is our obligation - our obligation to them, our obligation to the families. If I give my word, I stand by it, and if we promise to provide a security net, we will provide it - for a hostage deal. Only for a hostage deal am I willing [to do this]."

Regarding the price that Israel may have to pay in exchange for bringing the hostages home from Hamas captivity, Lapid said, "I am not holding negotiations on the radio. There is, obviously, no such thing as 'at any price.' There is no such thing as 'at any price.' Representatives of the government, for some reason, are walking around and saying, 'We will not agree for any price.'"

"There is not a single person in the State of Israel who does not understand that it won't be at any price or that he has no place if he says, 'This is impossible.' For instance, on Hamas' original document, there were demands about Jerusalem. No Israeli will agree that Hamas run Jerusalem from afar. But there are prices that the State should and must [pay]."