IDF ground troops are continuing to conduct targeted raids in the area of Zaytun, including in joint operations with the IAF.

During the operations, the forces located a weapons manufacturing facility, rocket launchers, and systems used by Hamas in combat with the IDF. After identifying a number of terrorists inside a tunnel shaft, the troops destroyed the shaft and eliminated the terrorists.

In a separate operation in Zaytun, IDF troops located a weapons storage facility, as well as a lathe with a significant amount of equipment.

In central Gaza, IDF troops eliminated several terrorists, and located terrorist infrastructure and dozens of weapons since Monday. IDF engineering troops also destroyed dozens of strategic sites belonging to Hamas.

In response to the launches toward the Israeli communities near the Gaza Strip on Monday morning, the IAF struck an operational center from which a number of the launches were carried out in the central Gaza Strip, as well as a launcher used to fire a number of the rockets. An additional operational center used by terrorists to fire at troops in the area was also struck.

Since Monday, as part of IDF efforts to evacuate Gazan civilians from the combat zone, the troops apprehended a number of terrorists who tried to flee under the cover of the civilian population. In additional activities, IDF troops eliminated a number of terrorists at close range, including terrorist operatives who were identified observing the troops.

IDF troops are also continuing to operate in western Khan Yunis. Since Monday, the troops carried out targeted raids and operated to secure areas adjacent to the Israeli communities near the Gaza Strip.