Elgert wearing a yellow badge at the Knesset
Elgert wearing a yellow badge at the KnessetYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Danny Elgarat, whose brother Itzik and brother-in-law Alex Dancyg are being held hostage in Gaza, joined a Foreign Affairs and Security Committee on Monday wearing a yellow badge.

Committee chairman, MK Yuli Edelstein, demanded that he leave or remove the badge.

Edelstein said, "In 2005, I was among the leaders of the fight against the Disengagement. Who knows, maybe if we had succeeded, you wouldn't be sitting here. But that's not the issue."

He added, "Some people have had an initiative to go to protests wearing a yellow badge. I said 'Anyone who wears a yellow badge, must cut off contact with me'. You will not talk in this room while wearing a yellow badge."

Elgarat refused and said, "I feel Holocaust, that's why I am wearing a yellow badge."

In response, Edelstein asked Elgarat to leave the room, but he refused. Edelstein stopped the committee's discussion temporarily.

A compromise was later reached and the committee convened, chaired by MK Ram Ben Barak and Elgarat remained in the room.

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