IDF forces operate in Gaza
IDF forces operate in GazaIDF spokesperson

As a part of IDF activities in Zaytun in the northern Gaza Strip, IDF troops continue to conduct activities in the area.

Since Sunday, with assistance from the IAF, IDF troops killed approximately 30 terrorists who operated adjacent to IDF troops in the area.

During one of the activities, IDF troops directed an IDF fighter jet that struck and killed a sniper perched on a post in a compound adjacent to IDF troops.

In the central Gaza Strip, IDF troops killed over ten terrorists during the past day.

During IDF activities in the area, the troops identified an armed terrorist cell approaching them. The troops killed the terrorists.

In the area of Khan Yunis, IDF troops identified a terrorist armed with an RPG. The troops monitored the terrorist and directed an aircraft that struck and killed him.

In western Khan Yunis, IDF troops killed a number of terrorists using tank and sniper fire. In addition, IDF troops directed a fighter jet that struck a compound in which two terrorists were located. Following the strike, secondary explosions were identified, indicating the terrorists were carrying numerous weapons.

During IDF activities in western Khan Yunis, IDF troops killed a number of terrorists, including two armed terrorists who were killed from close quarters.

In addition, in a targeted raid on terrorist infrastructure in the area, IDF troops located weapon parts along with grenades, ammunition, and additional military equipment.

In additional IDF activity in the area, during a targeted raid on terror targets, IDF troops identified two terrorists observing troops and fired toward them. Additional terrorists were killed during the activity.

IDF aerial and ground troops also killed an armed terrorist cell operating adjacent to IDF troops in western Khan Yunis.