Nitzan Horowitz
Nitzan HorowitzYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Former Meretz chairman and Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz said on Sunday that he will return to politics at the head of a new party in the next election.

"It's hard for me that I don't have an impact," Horowitz said in an interview for the podcast of former journalist Nadav Perry. "I loved being the Minister of Health, I would happily go back, that's for sure, to manage the system."

Horowitz revealed that he will run for the Knesset with a new party, saying, "I hope there will be one party, not Meretz and not Labor, but one new party." He opined that both parties are no longer relevant.

"We will certainly go with Gantz and Lapid, we will go with anyone who is willing to preserve democracy and behave in a statesmanlike manner," he stated.