As a caretaker for the elderly, Aharon Betzalel has dedicated over two decades of his life to enriching the golden years.

From assisting with daily exercises to holding hands during doctor visits, to sharing many good laughs over a cup of tea, Aharon’s patients deeply appreciate his sensitivity and respect for them as they navigate this often frail stage of life. But recently, the tables have been turned.

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For the first time in his life, the caregiver has become the patient.

It happened when Aharon was walking to synagogue, when suddenly, a car jumped onto the curb, and struck him in a gruesome accident. Aharon is now fighting multiple severe injuries in Sheba Hospital, where his devastated wife is trying to support him as much as she can.

However, due to a lack of funds, Sari Betzalel can’t afford life-saving drugs and treatments that could greatly increase Aharon’s chances of surviving.

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“Our oldest is 17 and our youngest is only 2,” shared his wife Sari in a heartbreaking appeal.

“Every ticking second is a thief, stealing precious moments from our future with him. We are racing against time, battling to keep our family whole. I beg you, from the depths of a broken heart, if you have the means, please help us. Your support could be the miracle that saves Aharon and spares our children from the agony of losing their father so young.”

After years of warming the hearts of those who are fragile, Aharon’s family hopes that “karma” will work in their favor, and that caring readers such as yourself will click here to save this beloved man’s life.