MK Tzvi Sukkot
MK Tzvi SukkotIsrael National News

MK Tzvi Sukkot (Religious Zionist Party) submitted this week a bill which is similar to the Taylor Force Act which was passed in the United States, and which stipulates that the transfer of tax payments to the Palestinian Authority will only be made if the following conditions are met:

First, the Palestinian Authority will take reliable measures to stop and prevent terrorist offenses by an organization or individual under its authority and responsibility, against Israeli citizens.

Moreover, the Palestinian Authority will stop transferring payments for committing terrorist offenses against Israeli citizens to those who have been convicted and are serving their sentence and their family members.

In addition, the Palestinian Authority will have to cancel any law, order, regulation or document that regulates or implements the system of payments for the carrying out of terrorist offenses.

Finally, the Palestinian Authority will publicly condemn the carrying out of terrorist offenses and will take all necessary measures to bring those who commit them to justice.

The bill that was submitted also stipulates that taxes that Israel collected according to this law, and were not transferred to the Palestinian Authority due to the provisions of this section, will be available for use for other purposes as determined by the Minister of Finance, two years after such a determination by the Minister of Finance.

The Taylor Force, approved in the US in 2018, cuts United States funding to the PA if it continues to pay terrorists and their families.

The legislation is named for US army veteran Taylor Force, who was murdered in a stabbing attack in Jaffa in March of 2016.

PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas has repeatedly made clear that he will not stop the payments to terrorists.