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A British court has rejected the appeal of Shamima Begum, a young Muslim woman, who ran away at the age of 15 to join ISIS and is currently demanding that her British citizenship be restored.

Begum was born in Britain to parents from Bangladesh. At the age of 15, she left school with two other girls and made her way to Syria to join ISIS.

Ten days after arriving in Syria, she married a Dutch citizen who had converted to Islam and also volunteered with ISIS in Syria. She gave birth to three children, who all died within a few weeks, in an ISIS camp.

In 2019, then Minister of the Interior Sajid Javid Announced that he had decided to revoke her British citizenship due to her volunteering with ISIS. Despite international law forbidding leaving someone without citizenship, the minister claimed that since she also holds Bangladeshi citizenship, he was permitted to revoke her British citizenship. Since then, she has requested that her British citizenship be restored on several occasions in order to take up residency in Britain once again. Thus far, the British government and courts have rejected her request.

On Friday, the Court of Appeal once again rejected her request to overturn the Home Office’s decision.

Lady Chief Justice Baroness Carr said: "It could be argued the decision in Ms. Begum's case was harsh. It could also be argued that Ms. Begum is the author of her own misfortune. But it is not for this court to agree or disagree with either point of view. Our only task is to assess whether the deprivation decision was unlawful. We have concluded it was not, and the appeal is dismissed."

Her solicitor David Furner said: "We are not going to stop fighting until she does get justice and until she is safely back home."