The 7th Brigade Combat Team is continuing to fight in western Khan Yunis and is intensifying the operations in the area.

In an operation on a number of buildings that Hamas had converted into a fighting compound, the soldiers located mortar bombs and cartridges inside UNRWA bags. In addition, AK-47s, bullets, grenades, explosives, drones, RPG launchers and means of communication were located and confiscated.

The soldiers of the brigade are operating on dozens of terrorist infrastructure, are eliminating dozens of terrorists using tank fire, close range fire, and by directing aircraft. As part of the operations on terrorist targets and the searches, the soldiers raided the residence of a senior military intelligence operative of Khan Yunis and found a tunnel shaft and weapons in the area. The tunnel shaft was destroyed.

In one of the operations, the soldiers identified eight terrorists who approached them, the soldiers then used a precision missile to eliminate them.

The tunnel shaft located by the soldiers
The tunnel shaft located by the soldiersIDF spokesperson
Some of the weapons located
Some of the weapons locatedIDF spokesperson