The IDF's activities in the area of Zeitoun, south of Gaza City, are continuing, the IDF reported Saturday.

An IDF drone identified a terrorist squad preparing to launch an anti-tank missile at IDF troops. Shortly afterward, an IDF aircraft targeted and killed the terrorists.

Throughout the past day, a number of terrorists were killed in air strikes and encounters on the ground. In addition, the troops located numerous weapons, including AK-47 rifles and magazines, as well as vests and documents belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization.

In central Gaza, IDF troops killed a number of terrorists over the past day. In one of the activities, IDF troops identified two terrorists near the troops, carrying bags and an object suspected as a weapon. The troops responded by killing the terrorists minutes afterward.

IDF troops continue activities in Khan Yunis and have killed numerous terrorists with precise sniper fire over the past day.

IDF troops identified three terrorists approaching and moving toward IDF troops. An IDF helicopter targeted and killed the terrorists. A few minutes afterward, four additional terrorists were identified and were also targeted and killed by an aircraft.

In addition, throughout the past day, a number of terrorist squads were identified approaching IDF troops and were killed by tank fire.