The graduation ceremony
The graduation ceremonyIDF

Approximately one hundred twenty soldiers graduated today from the IDF's nautical combat school and join the crews of Israel's missile cruiser fleet

The training began last August, and was accelerated to an emergency training course when the war broke out.

The trainees have taken an active part in the war by providing fire support, destroying terrorist infrastructure, protecting strategic assets, and undertaking classified missions to protect Israel's security.

Course Commander Daniel stated: “We in the Navy will continue to risk our lives defending Israel and operate bravely until we restore peace and quiet to the state.”

“Graduates of the 21st cycle of this course - we have placed numerous challenges before you, and you have passed them with determination, a sense of responsibility, and the values you brought from home. You have completed your course successfully. I believe in you, and our missile cruiser fleet awaits you. Go forth, sail away, come back victorious from every operation and battle, and return home safely.”