The soldiers of the Maglan Unit of the IDF's Commando Brigade are continuing to fight in western Khan Yunis by striking targets by directing fire from the air, using sniper fire, and close-quarters combat with terrorist cells emerging from hiding places.

The soldiers operated against terrorist infrastructure in the area and found an AK-47 in a wardrobe, as well as explosives, cartridges, an activation device for explosives, and explosive sets.

During the fighting, soldiers of the unit sent a drone to a building where they suspected terrorists were hiding. The soldiers used the drone to identify a terrorist armed with an AK-47 who fired twice at the drone and finally shot it down.

As a result, the soldiers opened fire and threw a grenade at the terrorist. After the threat was neutralized, the soldiers conducted a thorough search of the building where they found weapons and the body of the terrorist they eliminated.

The eliminated terrorist
The eliminated terroristIDF spokesperson

In addition, during operations in the dense areas of western Khan Yunis, the soldiers encountered four terrorists armed with RPGs and Ak-47s. The Maglan soldiers opened fire and eliminated them.