EurovisionArutz Sheva

A senior European Broadcasting Union (EBU) notified an Israeli official that if the lyrics to Israel's entry in the Eurovision song competition "October Rain" are not altered it will be disqualified, Walla reported on Thursday.

The EBU told the Israeli official that the decision whether to change the lyrics or not is solely in the hands of the Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation and made clear that if the lyrics were not altered Israel would not participate in the competition.

On Wednesday it was reported that The EBU was considering rejecting the Israeli entry in the song competition.

According to a report by Ron Boker on Ynet, a European official claimed that the reason for the possible disqualification is the inclusion of "political lyrics" in the song.

An official response stated: "The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation is holding a dialogue with the EBC regarding the song which will represent Israel in the Eurovision."