The officer meeting the Police Comissioner
The officer meeting the Police ComissionerIsrael Police

The police officer who neutralized one of the terrorists in the attack near Maaleh Adumim on Thursday morning told Commissioner Kobi Shabtai and Judea and Samaria District commander Uzi Levi about the incident.

The officer noted that two terrorists had been killed by civilians and that he neutralized a third terrorist who was advancing on him.

“I heard bursts of gunfire and saw people getting out of cars and firing at us. I came from further down, got off my motorcycle, and put on my identification cap.” An identification cap is a lightweight cloth hat with high visibility letters indicating the wearer to be a member of Israel's emergency services. “When I made my way farther up, I saw a terrorist lying on the left side of the road.”

He added that the civilian who killed the terrorist identified himself as a security guard.

“He told me that he was a security guard and that there was another civilian who had been shot in the arm. He seemed to have lost his handgun,” the officer recounted.

“There was another terrorist farther up the road. I closed in on him. He took cover behind cars and fired at me. I continued closing in on him until I was at close range and fired.”

The Commissioner praised the officer and stated, “ I have no doubt that your determined and professional response saved many more civilians.”

Matan Elmaliah, 26, was murdered in the attack. A pregnant woman in her 20s was seriously injured, although her unborn child survived and is in good condition.

Four people suffered moderate wounds, and a woman who had been injured and four people suffering emotional trauma were taken to hospital care. MDA medics evacuated the victims to Shaare Zedek and the Hadassah hospitals in Jerusalem.

Two of the terrorists were brothers from Bethlehem. Along with automatic weapons, they were found to be carrying fragmentation grenades.

The ISA has announced that the terrorists were Mohammed Zuahara, 26, and his brother Kadem, 31, residents of the Ta'amra neighborhood of Bethlehem. Along with them was Ahmad Alouhash, 31, a resident of the city of Za'tara in the region. Kadem had been imprisoned previously for illegal residency in Israel. Two of the terrorists were killed at the scene.