Benny Gantz
Benny GantzChaim Goldberg/Flash90

Protesters from the demonstrations in Tel Aviv held a demonstration at the home of National Unity leader Minister Benny Gantz on Thursday morning.

The protest displayed a sign reading, “The destruction is already here, we need elections!” They called for Gantz to lead a push to set a date for elections, saying that this would be the responsible thing to do - as was his joining the emergency government.

“The way to prevent destruction is to return the mandate to the people and choose new leadership that the people can trust, which will protect the unity of the nation and handle the many challenges facing it. Only elections will save the state,” the protesters claimed.

Gantz went out to speak to the protesters. “I felt that the only thing I could do was enter the government, and that is an approach I still believe in. I believed, and knew, that to enter the government also meant that I would know when to leave it. The most important thing now is to recover the hostages. We should hold elections only by consensus.”