US State Department Spokesman Matthew Miller reiterated the Biden Administration's goal of the establishment of a Palestinian state during a press briefing today (Wednesday).

"What we want to see in the long-term is a durable agreement that brings about peace and security for both Israel and Palestinians through the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with real security guarantees for Israel, Israel further integrated into the region. That is our long-term vision," Miller said.

In response to a question about the vote in the Knesset today in which 99 MKs out of 120 voted to reject unilateral attempts to impose a Palestinian state on Israel by international actors, he said, "We are trying to pursue the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. We are focusing our diplomatic efforts on that, not just because we think it's in the interests of the Palestinian people, but because we think it is in Israel's short, medium, and long-term security interests as well."

"Ultimately, Israel will have to make its own decisions, as every sovereign country does," he said. "We will present to them the ideas and plans we are developing with our partners in the region, the commitments that other countries are willing to make to Israel's security. And every country will have to make its decisions about how it's going to proceed."

Earlier this evening, National Unity party chairman Minister Benny Gantz delivered a statement in which he emphasized that he is firmly opposed to steps that would lead to unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state. "Today we passed a resolution in the Knesset with a large majority, opposing the unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state. After 7/10, it would be a mistake to give such support to terrorism."

"Political arrangements need to take place through direct negotiation, otherwise they will not be sustainable. And in any future situation, Israel will maintain its technological edge and security operation capability in the entire Gaza Strip. Our mission is - 100% security control and 0% civilian control [by Israel]. Many parties can operate in the field - just not Hamas. We will not allow the murderers to return to control the places where the IDF operated. We are examining a number of options so that the aid to Gaza will be transferred through an international administration of moderate Arab countries with the support of the US. We are currently promoting pilot programs for the transfer of aid through parties, organizations, and countries, in a way that will ensure that Hamas does not take it over. Our goal and the goal of the donor countries is the same - aid to the residents and not to terrorists," Gantz said.