Emmanuel Macron
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The French government claimed today (Wednesday) that it had received confirmation from the Qatari government that 45 hostages being held by the Hamas terrorist organization have begun to receive the medications Israel has been attempting to send them.

"We have information that some of the hostages received the medications," an official announcement stated.

No evidence was provided that the hostages indeed received any medication.

The Hostages and Missing Families Forum responded to the announcement by thanking French President Emmanuel Macron for his efforts on behalf of the hostages.

“We anxiously followed this effort and are grateful for the compassion and humanity displayed by President Macron on this issue. France is a true friend to the families of the hostages, and we will not forget their support in this matter,” the forum stated.

The French announcement comes a day after Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Tuesday evening that it had received "confirmation" from Hamas that the medications that were transferred from Israel began reaching the hostages held in Gaza.

The Prime Minister's Office confirmed that it had received a message from Qatar about the transfer of the medications. However, sources close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pointed out that so far, no proof has been presented that the transfer was indeed carried out.

Hamas has refused to allow the Red Cross to visit any of the approximately 240 people it took hostage during the massacre of October 7, including small children, elderly individuals, and people with chronic conditions. In addition, the terrorist organization refused to allow the transfer of needed medications to its hostages for over four months.

The Red Cross has itself refused requests from the families of multiple hostages to attempt to transfer medications and did not visit any hostages despite that being part of the weeklong ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas in late November.

In mid-January, Israel announced that, for the first time since the start of the war, medications would be transferred to the hostages being held in the Gaza Strip.

While Qatar’s Foreign Ministry announced several days later that medicine for Israeli hostages being held by Hamas had entered the Gaza Strip, to date Israel has not received any confirmation that the hostages received the medicine.

134 hostages remain in Hamas captivity in Gaza, over 30 of whom are believed to have been killed on October 7 or over the course of the war.