PM Netanyahu
PM NetanyahuNoam Moskowitz-Knesset channel

The Knesset plenum approved today (Wednesday), with a large majority of 99 yes votes, the government's statement opposing unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state by international actors.

A majority of opposition MKs voted to support the statement.

After the declaration was approved, Netanyahu spoke in the plenum and said, "I don't remember many votes in which the Knesset voted by a majority of 99 out of 120 on any vote."

"The Knesset united with a huge majority against the attempt to dictate to us the establishment of a Palestinian state, the vote sends a clear message to the international community - unilateral recognition will not bring peace closer but will push it further away.

"The citizens of Israel and their representatives in the Knesset are more united today than before. We voted with a huge majority against a move that will endanger Israel and the achievement of peace before we achieve a complete victory against Hamas," Netanyahu said.

The vote in the Knesset comes three days after the Cabinet unanimously approved the government statement rejecting attempts to unilaterally force a Palestinian state on Israel.

The full statement reads: "1. Israel absolutely rejects international diktat regarding the permanent arrangement with the Palestinians. Such an arrangement will be achieved only by direct negotiations between the parties, without preconditions."

"2. Israel will continue to oppose unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state. Such recognition, following the October 7 massacre, will award an immense and unprecedented prize to terrorism, and prevent any future peace agreement."