Yair Lapid, opposition leader
Yair Lapid, opposition leaderCourtesy

MK Yair Lapid, head of the Knesset's opposition, spoke to the Conference of Presidents of the Major Jewish Organizations in America about Israel's war in Gaza.

"Our patriotism is not measured by how much we hate the other side, It is measured by how much we love our country," he said. "In this war, unlike many in the history of humankind, there is moral clarity."

"It started on the worst day for the Jewish people since the Holocaust. And like in the Holocaust we are faced with absolute evil - an evil which should not be doubted and must be fought until the bitter end.

"The path to victory starts with our commitment to the hostages. It is part of what separates us from our enemy."

He added, Hamas doesn't care if its people are killed. But we will do almost anything to ensure that our children and parents come home."

"Anyone who thinks that commitment is a weakness, doesn't understand the great Jewish principle of mutual responsibility, doesn't understand the limitless strength of a nation which says, 'Your children are also my children. Your fate is also my fate.'

"There is no greater source of power. There is nothing else that binds us together like that belief.

"When Jews are murdered in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, I cry and pray here in Israel. When Jews are murdered in Kibbutz Be'eri, your hearts break in New York and your nights are troubled in Los Angeles."