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David Cameron, Britain’s shameful Foreign Minister, is picking on Jews to create, in his mind, a level political playing field between Israel and Palestinians in his pursuit of a fifty-year-old failure known as the two-state non solution.

Cameron is slandering Jews living in Judea and Samaria out of all proportion. Inflating Israeli disturbances with unrelenting Palestinian murder of Jews.

Cameron picked on four Israelis. The media failed to examine what these Jews had done so wrong in Cameron’s eyes.

Here are the facts,

Moshe Sharvit was accused of riding his quad bike to scare away Arab sheep that had wandered onto his land. Cameron called this “egregious abuses of human rights.” No one was injured. No one was killed. Not even the sheep.

Zvi Bar Yosef was accused of “intimidation and violence against local Palestinians at gunpoint” who were “having a picnic” on his land. Happens to trespassers all over the world. No one was injured. No one was killed.

Eli Federman was accused of threatening Palestinian Arab shepherds south of Hebron who had wandered onto his land. Recently, Federman was injured fighting in Gaza, and has since returned to combat in Khan Younis. He is considered a hero in Israel. Cameron thinks of him as a terrorist.

Cameron called them “extremist Israeli settlers threatening Palestinians” and said their behavior is “illegal and unacceptable.”

These isolated cases, a world away from PLO terrorist murders in the same area, are still in the Israeli courts. If proven guilty they will be sentenced. Until then, they remain innocent until proven otherwise.

Yet Cameron uses these individuals to brand hundreds of thousand Israelis who live in Judea & Samaria as somehow criminally evil.

However, hundreds of Palestinian Arabs who have murdered thousands of Israelis are not subject to Cameron’s, and Britain’s, retribution.

Israel doesn't need Cameron to dispense justice, the PLO needs him. Yet according to Cameron’s political measuring stick there is nothing “illegal and unacceptable” about Palestinian Arabs killing Jews.

I was one of the founders of the Netanya terror victims’ group. I have the names of the Palestinian Arab leaders who sent out their suicide bombers to murder my fellow citizens.

Why are these people not on Cameron’s list? Why instead is he smearing Jews?

He is doing this to fall in line with the Biden Administration’s recent push to create a Hamas-PLO Palestinian state. And, in order to balance the diplomatic playing field, they have to demonize Israel by targeting a random few Jews who are living where they don’t want them to live.

Cameron is shamefully doing this after he toured the burnt-out kibbutz homes in southern Israel where over a thousand Jews were slaughtered, tortured, raped, and are still held hostage by Palestinian Arab mass murdering terrorists in Gaza.

Yet Cameron wants to rewards decades of murderous Palestinian Arab terror, and picks on four Jews for his retribution.

For shame!

Cameron fails to bring sanctions against Mahmoud Abbas who incites hatred against Jews and pays Palestinians to murder Jews with his Pay to Slay policy.

Where are Cameron’s sanctions against the Hamas leaders, protected from justice by Qatar? There aren’t any.

Over a decade ago, in my book, Israel Reclaiming the Narrative, I dedicated a chapter to David Cameron who, as Britain’s Prime Minister, travelled to Turkey and made the most incredibly anti-Israel speech.

He portrayed Gaza as being, in his words, a “prison camp.”

If Gaza was a prison camp, Hamas were the prison guards, not Israel.

Hamas controlled the hundreds of trucks that flowed into Gaza from Israel every week and today we see what they did with the billions of dollars Gaza received in aid money.

Cameron witnessed what Hamas did with the money that Britain donated to Gaza when he visited Kibbutz Be'eri.

Today, he is not punishing Hamas or the Fatah Palestinian Authority. Instead, he is victimizing four Jewish families living in their ancient land.

In January, after personally hearing from Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, that rushing to create an ill-advised Palestinian state in the middle of a war “would endanger the state of Israel,” Cameron ignored Israel’s vital concerns, returned to a Conservative meeting in the House of Commons, and confirmed that Britain with its allies “will look at the issue of recognizing a Palestinian state, including at the United Nations.”

“This,” he added, “would make this process irreversible.”

Days later, on a February visit to Lebanon, Cameron doubled down by saying that the UK could recognize a Palestinian Arab state even without Israel’s approval.

The hypocrisy of this British Prime Minister, now Foreign Minister, is illustrated by the fact that he was and is a leading political figure of the UK,a country that can be seen as occupying parts of Ireland, Gibraltar claimed by Spain, the Falkland Islands claimed by Argentina, even Cyprus, and the Indian Ocean Chagos islands claimed by Mauritius as part of their nation.

Now he is turning against Israel trying to rip the Jewish State of its biblical heartland in favor of an unrepentant Palestinian Arab terrorist state.

Cameron proved a decade ago why he should not be Britain’s Prime Minister. Then he declared Turkey to be a friend of Israel. Gimme a break!

Referring back to that speech, Cameron made it after Turkey invaded, and still occupies, Northern Cyprus. He spoke as Turkey was slaughtering the Kurds. Yet he was in Turkey to press for their inclusion into NATO.

Shockingly then, as Britain’s Prime Minister, Cameron gave both Hamas and Turkey a free pass. Today, Israel is bearing the consequences of his dangerous misperceptions.

Cameron, both as Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, must be acutely aware of his own and Britain’s abject hypocrisy.

Robert Gates once said of Biden that he was wrong on every foreign policy issue he touched. I would say the same about David Cameron.

This man is a danger to Israel and should not be making British foreign policy.

Barry Shawis Strategic Affairs Director, Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.