Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister Benjamin NetanyahuMARC ISRAEL SELLEM/POOL

Israel is holding talks for the purpose of convening another summit in Paris that will deal with the attempts to forge a deal for the release of the hostages held by Hamas in Gaza, Channel 12 News reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, officials in Jerusalem are debating whether to go ahead with the summit before a message is received from Hamas that it has softened its demands regarding the deal.

Diplomatic officials feel that some kind of progress has been made in the talks and are discussing various messages that have been exchanged between the parties in recent days. This mainly due to the presence in Israel of the head of the CIA and US President Joe Biden's envoy, Brett McGurk, who is scheduled to arrive in Israel on Thursday.

The Muslim month of Ramadan will begin in two and a half weeks, and it is believed that all parties are interested in taking advantage of this period to finalize a deal.

"Israel wants a deal, the Qataris and the Egyptians want quiet, the Americans want a ceasefire that will bring new opportunities, and Hamas wants breathing room and that hostages still remain in its hands," said a diplomatic source quoted in the report.

Meanwhile, a Hamas delegation led by Ismail Haniyeh arrived in Cairo and met with Egyptian intelligence officials. Israel is closely following what is happening in the capital of Egypt in order to understand if there is an opening for progress in the talks.