IDF forces are operating this evening (Tuesday) in Jenin to arrest wanted persons. At the beginning of the operation, an exchange of fire occurred between the terrorists and the IDF soldiers.

A drone attacked the armed terrorists who threatened the fighters and eliminated at least three of them from the air. Several more terrorists were injured in the attack.

The military activity in the Jenin refugee camp continued and the forces surrounded a house where a wanted terrorist was hiding, in order to arrest him.

A week ago, Omar Fayed, one of the heads of the Hamas military infrastructure in Jenin, was arrested in a joint operation by the Judea and Samaria military police, the Shin Bet and IDF reserve soldiers.

Fayed was involved in a number of shooting attacks against IDF forces and planned to carry out additional attacks. During the operation, the forces fired at a gunman who was identified in the area.

During the arrest, the IDF engineering unit exposed routes, fearing that explosives had been planted under the roads to harm our forces.