During an operation last week, the Paratrooper Brigade combat team located large quantities of weapons inside a building adjacent to a UN school in Khan Yunis. The school had been used as a humanitarian shelter for Gazan residents. The weapons found by the IDF include AK-47s, warheads, grenades, RPGs and ammunition. The terrorists used a gap in the school wall as a passage to the adjacent building, from which they took their weapons to use in attacks on IDF soldiers.

In parallel, the soldiers worked to evacuate the civilian population from the combat zone for their safety. Approximately 60 terrorists who were hiding among the civilian population and tried to take advantage of the evacuation process to escape, were detained by the IDF. The terrorists were taken for further investigation by the security forces in Israel.

"This is further evidence of Hamas’ cynical use of the civilian population for terrorist activities." the IDF stated.

In another nearby building, the soldiers located weapons, ammunition, cartridges, vests and Hamas uniforms. In addition, the soldiers raided the residence of the Head of the Anti-Tank Array of the Khan Yunis Brigade, where they found many weapons and intelligence materials.

The IDF Spokesperson's Unit stated, "The Paratrooper Brigade combat team is continuing to intensify the fighting in western Khan Yunis. The soldiers are operating against terrorist targets and eliminating many terrorists in close-quarters battles and with accurate sniper fire."