US President Joe Biden & PA President Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem
US President Joe Biden & PA President Mahmoud Abbas in BethlehemREUTERS/Mohamad Torokman

President Biden and his trusted Foreign Affairs advisor, Secretary of State Antony Blinken need to rethink their present day handling of the dangerous and seemingly out- of- control destabilization encompassing the Middle East.

Make no mistake about it, it is threatening the welfare of the United States, as well.

Too many dark actors are benefiting from repeatedly blaming Israel for simply defending its intrinsic legitimacy and the rights to life of its citizens; and by extension to Jews, worldwide. Its core is due to an under appreciation of the aggression stemming from Iran and its cruel proxies; Hamas, Hezbollah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, as well as the ever present incitement against peace from Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian Authority President and Chairman of the P.L.O.

Years ago, I came across purported circumstances that had today’s American leadership been made aware of, might have altered their currently faltering Middle East strategy.

Excerpted from Chapter 3 of First, the Saturday People’, and then the…“:

“Recalling a much earlier discussion on hostage negotiations, Mehmet, a retired F.B.I. agent had made it clear ... that encouraging hostage takers to talk might ... reveal heretofore-unknown intelligence facts...”

Hassan continued, “With the demise of the former Soviet Union, opportunities came for us (Muslims) to assert ourselves religiously, as well as militarily in the former Soviet states. Finding unexpected success, we began to formulate sophisticated plans to expand the influence of Islam elsewhere. By initiating gradual Muslim population transfers to other sovereign nations, we found our answer. This increased our influence throughout Europe, particularly in France. Without much effort or sacrifice, we are at long last (influencing) mixed populations to the righteousness of our ways, and in the process we are gaining strong consensus against… Israel and its Jews.”

Trying to restrain his enthusiasm, Hassan paused before adding, “Even our American foe is slowly recognizing the wisdom of (restraining) Israel's influence, as well as its ...presence in our backyard. However, that task is not easy. For the most part, and even with the assistance of some of their own leaders acting on our behalf, Jews, as a group, hold firm to their (religious beliefs) and resist our ways. As such, they will have to be dealt with most harshly. Afterwards, other non-Muslim nations will soon fall into line. Do you understand where we are ultimately headed?”

“Not wishing to reveal my gut level disgust to such ranting, I simply replied, “No.”

“Gloating, he went on, "… utilizing a carefully manufactured common enemy,…We are grooming well-spoken minority figure-heads who will appeal to guilt- filled fools and they will rise to the top of…leadership, much as a Pied Piper, proclaiming knowledge of a better way.”

“…Even as we speak, this part of our plan is in motion and winning influential converts. Yes, it will take time, but patience is one of our many virtues. Yet, we shall always hold in reserve our technologically sophisticated ...cells, strategically placed throughout all western nations, many within the framework of liberal educational systems. “

“Wolf, our vision for the future will prove inevitable.”

“...none of the powerful nations that once exploited us recognize that they, much like Israel, are in (the early stages of) a struggle for their very existence…”

It's not as if the above was unsuspected, even as the novel was contemplated in 2013. Yet, then and even to a larger extent now; arrogance appears to shutter minds, while putting up stumbling blocks to the recognition of tactically blundering mis-steps with major consequences.

World leaders, who should know better, still do not appreciate the significance of the threats recalled with chants from within Iran of “Death to Israel,” followed shortly by “Death to America.” Meanwhile, Iran is suspected of proceeding with perfecting the means to produce and deliver the weapons capable of fulfilling its egregious pledge.

Nevertheless, it may yet be possible for long term allies such as Israel and the U.S. to act responsibly and forestall dire consequences. They must first accept the principle that their fates are inherently intertwined. In that light, each must spotlight the risks of the seemingly tolerated Palestinian Arab street agitation demonstrations, intentionally afflicting Israel and Jews on the world stage as their means—to foment an environment that succeeds in polarizing world nations. If not properly addressed, legally, such lack of action may fulfill the novel’s most grave nuances and in the not too distant future.

Having lived through the similarly destabilizing periods of the European Holocaust and World War II, my father, Lawrence, thoroughly schooled me in the concept that "Evil must continuously be recognized for what it is; and unequivocally challenged each time, and everywhere it raises its ugly head. It will never resolve of its own accord, only raising the ante and claiming more victims."

Bruce Portnoyis an opinion journalist as well as author of the geo-political thriller,"First, the 'Saturday People', and then the..."