Presidents Herzog (left) and Steinmeier (right)
Presidents Herzog (left) and Steinmeier (right)GPO

President Isaac Herzog met today, Friday, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Berlin.

During the meeting, President Herzog updated President Steinmeier and his staff and expressed his deep sorrow and pain, on the breaking news of the terror attack at the Re’em junction in southern Israel.

In their meeting, President Herzog emphasized the humanitarian duty of securing the release of the hostages and accordingly updated the President of Germany on the current situation.

Furthermore, against the background of Israel's legal and diplomatic opposition to the lawsuit launched against it in The Hague, President Herzog emphasized the humanitarian efforts that Israel was making, which were a testament to Israel's complete and clear compliance with international law.

At the conclusion of the meeting, President Herzog thanked President Steinmeier for Germany's firm stand by Israel's side, and support for the State of Israel's right to defend itself against the terrorist organization Hamas.

The President of Germany thanked President Herzog for his visit and reiterated Germany's commitment to work to return the hostages to their homes as soon as possible.