Shlomo Ne'eman
Shlomo Ne'emanIsrael National News

The Yesha council has published their population report on the towns of Judea, Samaria, and the Joran Valley.

Over the past decade, the population has grown by 142938, an increase of 38%.

The largest cities in Judea and Samaria are Modiin Ilit, Beitar Ilit, Maaleh Adumim, and Ariel, with a total population of 220884 residents. These cities have grown 2.9%, and make up 42% of the regions’ residents.

Local councils in Judea and Samaria include 118535 residents, and account for 22.9% of all of the population. The largest council is Givat Zeev, followed by Efrat and Karnei Shomron.

The regional councils, which encompass most of the land, include 177988 residents, which is 34.4% of the population. The Binyamin Council has the most residents, followed by Samaria, Gush Etzion, Mt. Hebron, Jordan Valley, and Megilot.

The largest town that is not a local council or city is Kochav Yaakov, in the Binyamin region, followed by Geva Binyamin, Telmon, Shiloh, Alei Zahav, Kfar Adumim, and Tekoa. The smallest is Niran, in the Jordan Valley.

The towns that have exhibited the most growth are Maaleh Amos with 24.5% growth over 2023, including the young and developing town of Ibei Hanahal. Other towns with notable growth include Mevo’ot Yericho with 22.8%, Mevo Dotan with 12.4%, Hamra with 12.2%, Migdalim with 10.9%, and Karmel with 10.8%.

The largest growth in terms of regional councils happened in the Jordan Valley, with 5.2% growth. Other regional councils have grown as well, including Megilot with 4.8%, Samaria with 4.4%, Mt. Hebron with 4.1%, Gush Etzion with 3.3%, and Binyamin with 2.2%.

The local councils with the most growth were Emmanuel with 7.4%, followed by Givat Zeev with 5.4% and Beit El with 3.8%, due to the occupation of newly constructed neighborhoods.

Haredim account for 37% of the population, religious Zionists 37%, and secular individuals 26%.

Shlomo Ne’eman, the head of the Gush Etzion regional council and the Yesha council, welcomed the report: “Settlement in Judea and Samaria is one of the most important and significant activities for ensuring the future of the Jewish nation in its ancestral homeland. Every new town established and house built strengthens our hold on the land of our fathers and adds another vital brick to the building of the nation.”

“These data are additional proof that there is great demand for cities, towns, and communes. More and more young families that come from all parts of Israel's population are choosing to make their house in this region. I am happy to see the growth in the different towns, especially Maaleh Amos, a young town in eastern Gush Etzion that has over the past few years developed and provided a solution for families that want to build their household in a high-quality communal environment."

“We call on the government and its leader to end the freeze and convene the Supreme Planning Council to approve another thousand housing units that will provide a solution for this great demand. Every housing unit not planned this year will not be built in the next three years. The government of Israel and its leader must understand that we have reached the point at which the enemy should receive their answer not only in Gaza and Lebanon, but also in Judea and samaria. Depart from evil, and do good (Psalms 34:15). Depart from evil by killing the Nazi enemy. Do good by expanding, legalizing, and strengthening the settlement.”