Nasser Hospital
Nasser HospitalIDF Spokesperson

The IDF's Spokesperson's Unit reported that the Commando Brigade, Shayetet 13, and additional special forces are continuing to conduct a precise and limited operation against the Hamas terrorist organization within the Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis. The activity is based on IDF intelligence indicating that Hamas terrorist activity is being carried out from within the hospital.

Thus far, over 20 terrorists who participated in the October 7th massacre have been apprehended, and dozens of suspects have been taken for questioning.

Furthermore, during searches in the area of the hospital, IDF troops located mortar shells, grenades, and additional weapons belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization. Hamas has previously used the hospital as a launch pad to fire mortar shells, including during a Hamas attack last month, which was revealed in IDF radar imagery.

"The IDF will continue to operate in accordance with international law against the Hamas terrorist organization, which cynically operates from within hospitals and civilian infrastructure," the IDF stated.

IDF Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said: “The use of hospitals for terrorist activities, firing mortar shells from civilian areas, and for holding hostages are against the international law.”