Moshe Or
Moshe OrArutz Sheva

Moshe Or, the brother of Avinatan, who is currently in Hamas captivity, spoke to Arutz Sheva-Israel National News about the importance of the suit that the Hostage and Missing Families Forum submitted to the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Hamas leaders for the atrocities of October 7th.

"I believe this is a very significant milestone in the fight against Hamas," says Or. "Today, the Hostage and Missing Families Forum is submitting a claim against the leaders of Hamas on our behalf, the families of the hostages and the hostages themselves, the residents of Israel, and on behalf of the entire world, for the atrocities that Hamas is committing against us and against all of humanity."

Or noted that the suit could harm the Hamas leadership. "This is no doubt a move that can affect Hamas. In the end, we want the court to issue arrest warrants for the senior Hamas officials, in all UN member states. That is a substantial move and we also think it will be effective against Hamas."

He explained that there is no connection between the families' suit and the trial that took place a few weeks ago in the International Court of Justice against Israel. "We aren't dealing with that, at the moment we are serving our suit against the heads of Hamas for the crimes that Hamas committed on October 7th."

Or wishes to make clear the following message to The Hague: "Today, it is important for us to tell the entire world that Hamas committed crimes against humanity, against my brother Avinatan, against the other hostages and victims, and the entire State of Israel. It is important for us that the world knows and reacts."

He concluded by calling on the nations of the world to support Israel. "The world must join us and choose a side during these days as history is written. On which side does the world want to be? On the side that commits crimes against humanity or the just and correct side?"