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Hillel Fuld is an American Israeli technology business advisor, blogger, and vlogger. Fuld's work focuses on the Israeli high tech industry, guidance for startup companies, and marketing tips for growing a business or personal brands. His brother Ari Hy"d was murdered by a terrorist in 2018 in Gush Etzion, managing to shoot the terrorist after being fatally stabbed.

Here is a partial list of the most twisted aspects of the Israeli-Hamas war that prove just how morally bankrupt the anti Israel crowd is:

- The fact that anyone, in their right mind, would call for a ceasefire when Hamas proudly declares it’ll repeat October 7th over and over.

- The fact that a Palestinian state is even being discussed when there has yet to be one Palestinian Arab leader who has said that they are willing to live alongside Israel.

- The fact that there are otherwise normal people who walk around quoting casualty numbers provided by Hamas despite the fact that Hamas is a terror organization that has zero problem making things up out of thin air.

- The fact that anyone denies the barbaric Hamas atrocities of October 7th despite the fact that there is HD footage of it all, and even Hamas doesn’t deny it.

- The fact that after October 7th, instead of support for Israel skyrocketing, it was antisemitism that skyrocketed.

- The fact that there are actual terrorists protesting on the streets of London and so many other cities who call for an intifada and somehow, these people are not arrested.

- The fact that the UN, and specifically UNRWA, have been proven to actively support Hamas and there are still countries funding them and still people debating their legitimacy.

- The fact that the head of UNRWA can claim he didn’t know that a multi million dollar tunnel that uses the electricity from UNRWA HQ was being built right under his nose.

- The fact that otherwise moral people and even human rights activists literally support rape and pedophilia as long as the victims are Jews.

- The fact that there are literal human beings in the West repeating Nazi rhetoric in public and no one blinks an eye.

- The fact that Blinken and the US State Department think they have a right to dictate to Israel how it should and should not defend itself.

- The fact that the world is losing its sh_t about the necessary Rafah operation despite the clear knowledge that the hostages are there and Hamas leadership is hiding there. It’s as if the world wants Hamas to survive.

- The fact that the Red Cross hasn’t visited the hostages or gotten them medical care and no one seems to care.

- The fact that there is hard evidence that Hamas steals the foreign aid going into Gaza and countries are still sending in aid and forcing Israel to send in aid.

- The fact that Egypt won’t let a single Palestinian in and no one seems to think that is strange despite pressuring Israel to do the same.

- The fact that anyone in the western world is calling for Israel to stop instead of calling for the release of the hostages.

- The fact that America is not using its influence over Qatar to make them pressure Hamas to release the hostages.

- The fact that Israel is being accused of genocide when Hamas’ declared goal is exactly that, genocide. And they don’t even hide it.

- The fact that the world is even talking about this war and totally ignoring other conflicts/wars around the world with significantly more casualties.

- The fact that so many people around the world are chanting ‘From the river to the sea’ without even knowing what it means (the total erasure of Israel) or what sea and river they’re even talking about.

- The fact that the same people calling for a ceasefire are calling for an intifada, even though those two things are mutually exclusive.

- The fact that the Iron Dome is a defensive system that has saved millions but there are actual politicians who oppose it. Like AOC.

- The fact that the same American politicians who use old antisemitic tropes like double loyalty have literally declared their double loyalty, and everyone just goes on with their day like that’s normal.

- The fact that there are actual Nazi accounts on the various social platforms calling for the literal extermination of Jews and somehow, they’re allowed to continue to spew the hatred because of “Free speech”.

- The fact that anyone accuses Israel of discrimination a.k..a an apartheid state despite endless evidence and even testimonies from actual Arabs living in Israel that Israel is anything but an apartheid state.

- The fact that there are Jews who support Hamas and spread full blown antisemitism despite the fact that Hamas and all the other radical Islamic organizations they are defending would kill them the first chance they got.

- The fact that any liberal is standing against Israel despite the fact that their liberal values align with Israel and are the literal opposite of the values of the people they are defending.

- The fact that women’s rights activists haven’t said a word about the savage sexual violence perpetrated by Hamas, and some even deny it.

- The fact that no pressure is being applied to Lebanon and Hezbollah to stop attacking Israel but as soon as Israel retaliates to defend itself, and Israel WILL retaliate; the world will magically wake up.

- The fact that Abbas denies the Holocaust and pays terrorists but somehow governments and politicians around the world continue to pretend that he’s a moderate and can take over for Hamas in Gaza.

- The fact that according to every survey, the vast majority of Palestinian Arabs support Hamas and are proud of October 7th and somehow the narrative that most of the Palestinian Arabs are innocent keeps being pumped out and shoved down our throats.

- The fact that the world compares innocent hostages kidnapped from their homes to literal murderers and terrorists that were arrested and are in Israeli prisons.

- The fact that the Palestinian Arab lies are so clear and obvious, and yet, the world eats them up. The pallywood videos are a perfect example. Dead bodies moving, fake babies, and familiar faces that play different roles in every video.

- The fact that everyone knows Iran is behind all of this and not only do we ignore that fact, but the world continues to give Iran money and legitimacy as if they’re not a genocidal regime that wants to erase the West.

- The fact that Iran is weeks away from a nuclear bomb and we’re just sitting by and waiting even though they admit openly they want to destroy Israel and America.

- The fact that we have actual footage of Palestinian Arab terrorists attacking Israelis and the world only shows the second half of the video of those Israelis eliminating the terrorists. Over and over.

- The fact that everyone knew that Germany had to be denazified at all costs; the same for Japan, but when it comes to Gaza, despite evidence of indoctrination from age zero, things are different.

- The fact that the world is obsessed with Gaza casualty numbers even though that wasn’t even discussed in any other war ever.

Ok, I’ll stop here even though I could continue on and on.

The double standard and hypocrisy surrounding this war and Israel, in general, is astounding and disgraceful.

My only hope is that the Israeli leadership doesn’t cave to the hypocritical international pressure and continues to do what it needs to do until complete victory over Hamas.

Anything less than that would be a historic and colossal failure.

Dear world, we see you. We see you, and we won’t forget.