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Day after day, criticism of Israel’s waging war in Gaza is increasingly heard from the White House, and in coordination with their leftist allies.

On February 8, President Joe Biden said Israel’s war in Gaza has been conducted in a way that is “over the top.”

Also on February 8, clearly taking aim at Israel, Biden issued an order calling for the withdrawal of military support to any US arms recipient not fighting their war in adherence to international law, including international human rights law.

The obvious question is whether the US was in such compliance when they killed 100,000 Tokyo residents in one night during the firebombings of Tokyo in 1945? How about compliance during the deaths of 130,000 to 200,000 at Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Or the 100,000 Japanese soldiers killed during the battle of Okinawa? And let’s not forget the 60,000 French civilians killed by US and British bombings in World War II.

By the way, no humanitarian corridors were created for Japanese civilians to flee or to protect the French during D-Day fighting or to allow fuel to enter Berlin during its destruction, because that would have slowed the allies’ war effort.

The reason the US was not in compliance was because they were waging war. And those like Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who never wore their country’s uniforms are, of course, happily clueless that in war you win if you kill more of theirs than they kill of yours.

Regrettably, we know from the past that our betters in the Israeli foreign policy establishment will tell us that Biden is just making noise to pacify the Israel-hating left wing of his party and should be ignored for his criticisms of Israel.

Years earlier, the Israeli elite also told us to forgive the Jew-hatred spoken by Yassir Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas, who did not really mean what they said. How many Jews were killed due to the words spoken by Arafat and Abbas?

But as another term in office seems to be slipping away from the increasingly impaired Biden, he could be convinced to comply with the anti-Israel left.

And critically, the Obama ideologues that staff the Biden White House seem to have learned not to go nose-to-nose against Benjamin Netanyahu, and are instead doing an end-run around Israel to cause the greatest harm, without saying so publicly.

While appearing to be Israel’s great friend, it is possible the US might strike Israel in ways that even the ignoramus Barack Obama never considered?

Could Biden abandon Israel? He certainly abandoned his Afghanistan allies.

Also, we are sure the Biden White House skipped Nuclear War 101, so here is the problem the US might create in abandoning Israel.

Now….pay attention you White House staffers with underdeveloped intellects, because if you reduce Israel’s conventional war-making options, you then increase the possibility of the introduction of unconventional options.

If the leftists in the White House put down their comic books for a moment, they might consider that the Iranians have been emboldened by the October 7 massacres, as they have seen a chink in the Israeli armor.

Would the Iranians be further motivated by the US reducing its support of Israel? How many nightmare scenarios do we have to consider?

With one phone call, Tehran could launch thousands of its missiles based in Lebanon at Israel, since Hezbollah has their finger on the launch button. And these are not the missiles from the last war. Many of today’s missiles are satellite guided, as we most likely saw when an Iranian missile recently struck an Israeli Air Force base.

Striking Israel’s military bases, the Knesset, the IDF’s Kiria, the President’s home, Dimona, and public utilities could be the end, not of Israel, but Iran.

At what point would the US, Russia or China respond with a nuclear strike if an enemy dared to launch thousands of missiles into their territories?

Well, White House lefties, you might high-five each other as you reduce Israel’s conventional capabilities, as you listen to John Lennon sing Imagine and “hope” this will lead to the end to all Arab-Israeli wars…….only the end will not be according to the scenario the marijuana-drenched western leftists dream about.

The United States has shown that it is in their national interest to be the supplier of arms in Ukraine, Taiwan and Israel. The purpose, of course, is to allow Washington to control the war-making capabilities of these very junior partners. In other words, to keep Israel on a very tight leash.

But will the leftist US administration overplay its hand with Israel? They must, because it is in their nature.

And as the United States lectures Israel on what is best for it, it will be fatal if Israel does not remember that the United States has a track record in the Middle East, and that record has been catastrophic.

Incredibly, American involvement in the Middle East has only resulted in strategic failures and increased dangers to American interests and to US citizens.

Where to begin? Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon….all of these countries are now anti-American puppets of other powers. And after all the American blood that was shed, the US State Department has placed each of these countries as off-limits to US citizens because their governments have largely collapsed and simply walking the streets is life-threatening.

Are we to trust US policymakers? And what of the extraordinarily mediocre President Jimmy Carter and his State Department great-thinkers booting out US ally the Shah of Iran and putting in his place the lunatic ayatollahs?

We recall how Carter’s US Ambassador, the special idiot Andrew Young, labeled the Ayatollah Khomeni “a saint.”

This was when the wise men of American foreign policy single handedly created a new anti-American, anti-Israel powerhouse in Iran.

So, how should Israel proceed?

In the short term, Israel needs to maintain its western alliances.

On the other hand, the future is in the east. India, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries wishing to join should form a new alliance with Israel.

Together, Israel and the east have the brains and capital to meet all of their armament needs, from bullets to fighter jets and high-tech weapons.

Also, after October 7, Israel needs to permanently end the threat from Lebanon, and Israel needs to permanently end the threat from Iran.

Further, Israel needs to soberly evaluate the collapsing western world, whose woke value system condemns Israeli victims of October 7 and supports the Arab animals who murdered, raped, beheaded and took hostages, and Israel must look elsewhere for new alliances.

And don’t worry, Israel will survive the decline of the west. We have survived pharaohs, kings, warlords, Babylonians, Assyrians, Moslems, Christians, Cossacks, Vaticans, Athens, Rome, Communists, Europeans and 20th Century Germans.

After 3,500 years, after living through hundreds of empires that collapsed, the Jews have a pretty good idea of how to deal with world leaders who are ill-read idiots, savages seeking our deaths and, above all, we Jews know how to survive in a changing world.

Robert Harris is a free lance journalist and poliical analyst.