Hostages' relatives prior to takeoff
Hostages' relatives prior to takeoffArutz Sheva

The families of the hostages on Wednesday issued a special statement to the media moments before departing to The Hague to file a report against the leaders of Hamas at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

At the gateway to boarding flight 131LY, on the 131st day of the 134 hostages being held captive by Hamas, the families of the hostages gave a special statement to the media before boarding the plane to The Hague.

Ofri Bibas, sister of Yarden (Jordan) Bibas, who was kidnapped with his wife and two young children to Gaza, said: ”Two children, one an infant and his older brother, still innocent of the world’s evils, along with their parents, are held captive by a terror organization whose members have killed, blinded, and committed unspeakable acts, and it doesn’t end there… We continue to receive numerous reports that these cruel acts are still happening today.”

”Today, we are making history by coming to The Hague, to the International Criminal Court, a crucial step in our fight, as citizens of the state and of the world, to declare “no more!” Such crimes cannot be the legacy of humanity.

”The entire human race must stand together against a global terror army, of which Hamas is just one unit on its mission,” Ofri stressed.

”And if anyone for a moment forgets why, let them close their eyes again and picture my two little red-haired nephews, with their captivating smiles and innocent laughter, held in murderous captivity. This isn’t just our story; if we don’t stop it, tomorrow it will be the story of the entire world.”

Ziv Abud, girlfriend of Eliya Cohen, added: ”On October 7th, I suffered a devastating blow, one that I likely will never fully recover from. I arrived at the Nova party with my partner of the last seven years, Eliya Cohen, my cousin, and his partner. In moments of terror, we hid in a shelter designed for 10 people, but it held 29 of us. Half were killed, including my nephew and his partner; three, including my partner Eliya, were kidnapped; and I survived. Physically intact, but my spirit and heart are shattered, and every day of the past four months has been a relentless battle to keep living amidst the smoke and ash of devastation, with the sounds of the street echoing explosions and cries of pain.”

”Today, I am here, flying to The Hague with the delegation, to file a complaint against the leaders of Hamas. Having experienced horrors, lost my loved ones, and with my partner still in the clutches of Hamas, I expect that this complaint, and the subsequent legal action, will bring personal justice for each family of the hostages, the bereaved families, those with broken hearts and spirits, and also global justice, clearly demonstrating that we are dealing with a sadistic and cruel terrorist organization.

”This is not just a fight for the families of the hostages. We are here to fight and bring about change for all the world's citizens, thereby condemning this brutal terrorist organization and preventing the normalization of its existence and those like it. I am here to reveal to the whole world, through my eyes that have seen everything, what could also happen to their loved ones and themselves because after Israel, they will come to Europe, the USA, and everywhere else on the map if we do not jointly eliminate such murderous terrorist organizations.”

19-year-old Romi Cohen and Hadar Daniel, twin sisters of Nimrod Cohen and Oz Daniel, also spoke to the media.

Hadar said: ”We cannot allow the world to normalize the cruelty and acts of terror, rape, mass murder, and abduction committed by Hamas terrorists while we, the families, fight with all our might to bring our loved ones home. This happened in my home four months ago, but it could happen in any other home. Just because it happened in Israel doesn't mean it won't happen tomorrow in Europe or the United States. Our generation will determine the future, so we must do everything to ensure our lives don't continue as they are now—because this is no way to live! It's time for justice to be served!”

Romi explained: “I came to The Hague because the Holocaust from October 7th hasn't ended. It's still happening right now! We must focus on the present—to stop the ongoing horrors and free all the hostages—and also on the future, to ensure such a disaster never happens again. I will go anywhere and do everything possible to bring my brother home.”

“I urge all young people around the world to wake up and look at your future! It's up to us. We are the future generation, and the power to change lies in our hands. We must be on the right side of history and influence our collective future.”

Inbar Goldstein, sister of Nadav Goldstein, said: “Hope dies last. For my brother's light, and out of a sense of national duty that chose me, and apparently everyone standing here with me, we are traveling to the International Criminal Court in The Hague so that they will see and fear.”

“We are traveling to voice the cries of those whose voices are unheard. Those slaughtered in their homes, in their cars, or exposed in the field, those who fell defending their communities. And also those currently in the hands of hate-intoxicated monsters, who revel in our pain and rub their hands in glee at our suffering.

“We are traveling to ensure we are not just witnesses to history as it unfolds but that we are actively writing it, in practice, by ourselves and in our own words.”