Knesset member, Danny Danon, spoke to Arutz Sheva - Israel National News, while accompanying former US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to the Gaza surrounding communities.

MK Danon said, “I think it's crucial to bring dignitaries to see what happened here. When you come here you realize the level of atrocities that took place here. It changes your life. I saw many leaders who came here, who became stronger advocates for Israel. For example, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who went to the UK and spoke about his experiences. I'm sure Secretary Pompeo, who is a good friend of Israel, will speak about what he saw here and what he felt here. We need our allies to speak up for Israel.”

Regarding the change in the US policy towards Israel, Danon said: "Now we have to talk about the eradication of Hamas. Period. We don't want to hear anything else and when I hear the voices telling us, ‘don't go into Rafah,’ ‘don't do that,’ how can we win a war with our hands tied behind our back. We have to go into Rafah. We have to chase the leadership of Hamas and we have to make sure that everyone in the region will realize that Israel defeated Hamas. Period.”

MK Danon believes that “the United States wants us to win, but they don't realize that in order for us to win, we have to do exactly what the US did when they wanted to face evil. When they fought with Isis and Al-Qaeda, they went all the way. We are determined to go all the way.”