Bezalel Smotrich
Bezalel SmotrichYosef Mizrachi/Arutz Sheva

During the weekly Religious Zionism party faction meeting today (Monday), Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich addressed the operation in Rafah which freed two hostages who had been held by Hamas and Prime Minister Netanyahu's decision to send the head of the Shin Bet (ISA) to Cairo for talks to free the remaining hostages.

"We are all happy and excited about the return of Louis and Fernando thanks to the bold action of the soldiers of the IDF, Yamam, and the Shin Bet, and from here, together with the entire people of Israel, we salute them and all the members of the security forces who are on guard all the borders in Gaza, in Judea and Samaria, at the Lebanese border, and who safeguard Israel's security day and night," Smotrich began.

He also said that "last night's action proves once again what we have said many times, that the way to bring the hostages home is through the victory and destruction of Hamas. The delusional demands of Hamas for the release of thousands of terrorists and murderers, for the expulsion of Jews from the Temple Mount, for the end of the war and the withdrawal of IDF forces oblige us to give them One clear and decisive answer: W-A-R!!!"

Addressing Netanyahu, Smotrich said, "Mr. Prime Minister, instead of sending the head of the Shin Bet Ronen Bar to Cairo for talks with the Nazi enemy - he should continue to be sent to Rafah together with his men and the IDF soldiers to destroy, kill and destroy the heads of the murderers and all the Nazi Hamas terrorists, like last night. Instead of sending the head of the Mossad to Qatar, he should be sent to eliminate the heads of Hamas all over the world."

"Our answer to Hamas and its insane demands should be in Rafah using Air Force planes, tanks, infantry fighters, and paratroopers. Hamas bears full responsibility for any harm to civilians in Gaza because it uses them as human shields, and therefore the fear of harm to those civilians or the reaction of the US and the world must not cause us to hesitate or delay the mission, and we must complete the occupation of Rafah and complete victory with the destruction of Hamas as soon as possible," the Religious Zionism party chairman said.