Seized funds
Seized fundsIDF Spokesperson

IDF officers claim that soldiers operating in the heart of Gaza, in the luxury Rimal neighborhood, risked their lives to salvage hundreds of millions of shekels that were meant to reach the Palestinian Authority, Radio 103FM reported on Sunday.

According to the testimonies, the 200 million NIS were supposed to be transferred to the Palestinian Authority.

Sources in the military recounted that the incident occured during an offensive in the Rimal neighborhood of Gaza City when the forces arrived at the Bank of Palestine building and approached it despite sniper fire coming from the building.

The IDF Spokesperson stated: "IDF forces operated last week in the Bank of Palestine in Gaza City to prevent the seizure of funds by the Hamas terror organization for terrorism. The building where the bank was had been struck in the past due to gunfire at IDF forces from it. The operation was conducted per the orders of the political echelon, and how the funds are held and the address to where they will be sent are subject to its orders."