Dr. Joseph Frager, Executive Vice President of the Israel Heritage Foundation, spoke at a special Israel Heritage Foundation meeting with Knesset Members Simcha Rothman and Ohad Tal, both of the Religious Zionist Party, recently in New York.

‘’It’s important to recognize who the strong people of Israel are today,” he said. ‘’Knesset Members Simcha Rothman and Ohad Tal are two of the strongest Jews alive today on the face of the Earth.”

“They came to the United States to talk about the situation on October 7th and everything that's happened since. They want to have a strong Israel and sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, and in Gaza too.

“Gaza was twenty-two communities, ten thousand people, and it all went up in smoke. We see the the results of our mistakes and we all suffer because of it. It’s not just left or right, it’s everyone. We have to come come to terms with the idea that a two-state solution is a non-starter. The mindset is you keep giving and eventually you'll have peace. It's been the opposite.”

He added, “The Biden administration has done more than I ever thought they would ever do. They’ve done an incredible job in trying to send arms to Israel but they're constantly pressuring Israel. They think that Israel is killing civilians. You always have some civilians hurt, but Israel has done more than any nation in the world ever to prevent civilian deaths. This number of 26,000 that Hamas keeps spouting is a lie that unfortunately is influencing the Biden administration to make Israel stop bombing. Hamas doesn't care about its own people. It only cares about its own power, like all dictatorships."

“We have to begin to realize that this fight will just come over here. It'll come to the United States in a bigger way - we saw September 11th over here. We know it can happen over here and it will happen in a bigger way. Israel is just the beginning of what can be. We have to stop it now, and if we don't stop it then it's just going to happen over here.

“We give our love to Israel, our strength, our courage. We want them to succeed, and it's up to the American people to understand all this to make it happen so that Israel doesn't get pressured into stopping the war and creating a situation that only hurts the world and America. Israel will survive but I don't know about the rest of the world.”