Blinken visits a donation center for victims of the Hamas attacks
Blinken visits a donation center for victims of the Hamas attacksJacquelyn Martin/Pool via REUTERS

In what may go down in history as the biggest show trial in the history of show trials, the nation of South Africa accused the nation of Israel of committing genocide against the Palestinian Arabs. Their evidence? In a pep-talk to soldiers heading into Gaza, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is alleged to have mentioned the biblical imperative to wipe out Amalek, the embodiment of human evil and chaos, from the face of the earth.

By some magical extrapolation, the Palestinian Arabs are Amalek, ergo Israel designs to commit genocide against them.

Gaza comprises an area of a mere 139 square miles. Double that if you take the tunnels into account. Even with hundreds of thousands of boots on the ground, the military echelon admits it will take close to a year before all the Hamas combatants are neutralized in Gaza. Let’s put that in perspective: in 1943, Patton’s 7th Army (with a little help from Montgomery & the British 8th Army) conquered Sicily in a bit more than a month. Sicily is almost 10,000 square miles.

So why hasn’t Israel already conquered Gaza, an area 1.5% the size of Sicily, in three months? One of the reasons this war drags on is precisely because Israel is going to extraordinary and unprecedented efforts to minimize civilian casualties. This is despite the fact that Gaza Arabs willingly protect Hamas terrorists, have not volunteered any information about the hostages although recent IDF films show that entrances to tunnels were opposite civilian homes, or hints about where Hamas leaders are hiding.

No other nation at war would give succor to their enemy while guns are still blazing – except the Jews. And we have only just begun changing the rules for distributing the aid which we gave up to know, knowing full well that much of the fuel and food allowed into Gaza wound up in the hands and bellies of the very combatants we are trying to kill.

Part of the reason we have only neutralized 25% - 30% of the Hamas-niks may be because many are still comfortable in their bunkers – food, water, and gas for electricity – compliments of the Government of Israel.

They understand, as we do, that if Hamas is not destroyed root and branch, they have won. And they think time is on their side.

For years, Israel has provided Gaza with a percentage of its electricity and drinking water – a sure indicator of genocidal intent.

Israel used to allow tens of thousands of Gazan, Judean and Samarian Arabs to enter Israel daily to work, since the “Palestinian Arab” economy does not exist, other than for the kleptocracy at the very top.

Israel can document tens of thousands of cases of Gazan, Judean and Samarian Arabs being treated in Israeli hospitals. Even the fat cat PLO plutocrats prefer to be treated in Israeli hospitals for their diseases of affluence – heart disease, obesity, cancer and all the rest.

If we’re mass murderers, we’re pretty bad at it.

The International Court of Justice should have laughed this complaint out of court. Since the facts refute the frivolous charges, and the South Africans surely know this, what was really on trial here?

I have the privilege to teach Torah to middle school children. We are currently studying the rebellion of Korach (Numbers 16 ff.). Korach’s rebels essentially say to Moshe and Aharon: “Thanks, but we don’t need your leadership, we have no use for your guidance. We are all capable of being our own priests and leaders, for we are all holy, just as holy, in fact, as you. Why do you make yourself superior over Gcd’s holy people?”

What is on trial in the Hague, what fuels world antisemitism and makes Biden and Blinken criticize Israel's fight for its survival is nothing less than the Bechirah, the Choseness of the Jewish People.

The world proclaims:

  • We reject your claims of moral superiority on the battlefield. You are – have to be - just as guilty of genocide as we are.
  • Why do you set yourself as exceptional among the nations? We are all children of Gcd. You are no better, and perhaps far worse, than we are.
  • We reject your moral example to be a light unto the nations. We don’t need your guidance, and we certainly don’t need your moral leadership. In fact, your very existence offends us.
  • We are quite proud of the sophisticated relativist moral constructs that we have conceived for ourselves. And in our narrative, the Jew is the new Nazi.

So in light of the foregoing, we must ask ourselves:

At what point do we stop groveling for the approval of the “U”s – the UN, the US, the EU?

At what point do we stop caring about anti-Israel resolutions in the UN?

At what point do we start putting our own survival above the needs of those sworn to our destruction?

At what point do we prioritize the needs of the innocent over the needs of the guilty?

At what point do we turn inward for validation instead of outward?

We witness miracles in Israel everyday. The presence of Gcd is palpable among us. While we enjoy the support of millions of ethical people around the world, we are nevertheless a nation destined to dwell apart.

Why fight that? Let us emerge from the mentality of the Galut (diaspora) which craves for acceptance from our neighbors. Instead let’s cultivate a mindset of Geulah (Redemption), where we stand upright in our Land, acknowledge our Bechirah, i.e., following our Divine calling to create a world of universal brotherhood and peace under the banner of ethical, compassionate monotheism.

It is high time we stop giving power to and focusing on the haters and welcome those who wish to join us in this holy endeavor. “All those who are thirsty, let them come and drink.”

Rabbi Mizrachi is the author of Holistic Judaism: A Radical Rethinking of Our Service to Gcd and our Fellow Man in the Messianic Age. Available on and Kindle. He can be reached at [email protected].