Republican candidate Nikki Haley recently uploaded a "Mean Tweets" video in which she reads, and frequently mocks, tweets deriding or criticizing her. Many are from supporters of former US President Donald Trump, with one of them coming from Trump himself.

''Everybody hates you," declared the first one. Haley dismissed the claim: "Really? I think my husband loves me."

"I'm genuinely terrified of Nikki Haley. Any man who knows how vindictive, evil, and short-sighted, and psychotic women can be..." She paused to give her opinion: "This guy can't be married."

The tweet continued: "...Coupled with a basic understanding of physiognomy, takes a single look at Nikki Haley and is terrified. I genuinely believe her victory would spell the end of the free world.'' Haley declined to respond: "I don't even know what to say about that. That's crazy.''

She likewise declined to answer the tweet claiming: ''Nikki Haley has a room temperature IQ, true or false?" saying only ,''Wow.''

"Just when you think Nikki Haley can't get any more annoying, the next day happens,'' said one tweet. "Wait till tomorrow," she advised the user.

Donald Trump's official account featured prominently: "Nikki Birdbrain Haley is losing BIG in the polls against Crooked Joe."

Haley challenged the assertion: "Where? I haven't seen that."

Trump's accusations continued: "I am beating him all over the place. She is WEAK ON THE BORDER."

"I passed the toughest illegal immigration law in the country," Haley countered.


"Then why did you let three million illegals come into the country under your watch?" Haley asked.

"That's all you have to know!!!" Trump ended.

"Exactly," Haley replied.