Intergenerational trauma is something doctors have studied for years. One person's trauma can affect how their descendants think, act, and feel, even 7 generations later. Many of us can relate, as we have traumas surrounding money, scarcity, food, and safety, based only on our grandparents’ trauma.

Experts say a major cause of intergenerational trauma is that many don’t seek help. After October 7th, the Jewish people are grappling with trauma on a massive scale. The question is, will we let the trauma go untreated and force future generations to suffer the effects?

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ZAKA360 is planning to schedule a therapeutic retreat for 50 children who watched terrorists rip through their town on October 7. The children are suffering beyond imagination and many can’t afford therapy. The retreat costs $2,500 per child, and ZAKA360 needs your help to fund it.

Therapy is immeasurably more powerful now, whilst their scars are fresh, and parents are relying on ZAKA360 and the public to help their children. Without this retreat, they’ll continue to suffer every day, risking generations of suffering. Armed with the information about intergenerational trauma, will we sit back and let it happen?

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