Estherצילום: Esther

Esther's parents cannot recall the last time their 12-year-old smiled.

Illness has ravaged her life, leaving a black hole where there was laughter and a gaping abyss where there was love of life.

It wasn't always like this. Once upon a time, Esther was a delightful child with rosy cheeks and a sparkle in her deep blue eyes. She ran and played and giggled rambunctiously, embracing life with the zeal of an innocent young child.

But then life stopped. A coma led to severe heart complications. Left with no other choice, her parents let their precious child go under the knife for heart surgery. But then matters got worse.

Right now, Esther has a devastating case of liver cirrhosis. If she doesn't receive a liver transplant very soon, her entire body will shut down and she will die. The situation is complicated because her weak heart cannot handle any strain, so the liver must be treated very gently.

Esther's days have turned into one long never-ending nightmare. Her cries of pain are wrenching, her agony is raw and excruciating. All color has been sucked out of her and her parent's lives as they ride the dark stormy waves.

How much longer can her parents bear their child's suffering?

How much blacker must the hole get?

From the depths of their shattered pain-filled hearts, Esther's parents beg you to help raise the funds to save their child's life.

We cannot say no. For every life is a treasured world.

Please open your hearts and donate generously to give Esther the gift of life