Site of the Supernova festival
Site of the Supernova festivalOmri Silver

Elkana Federman, the chief of security of the Supernova festival in Re'im, told Channel 14 News about a warning he had received from a guard who worked in the Gaza Division, saying that "something is going to happen on Sukkot."

“I had a guard at the festival who had served in the Re'im Division, and a week before the festival sent me a voice message saying ‘Elkana, something is going to happen over Sukkot. I just wanted to let you know, there are a lot of warnings. The situation around Gaza isn't the brightest, so I wanted to warn you. Something could happen, it could also be that nothing will.’ He liked to speak with me in codes.”

Federman relates how he responded: “I passed the recording on, and they told me everything was all right, that the army would be able to handle whatever needed to be addressed and that there were always alerts and that everything was fine. I did my part - I'm just a security guard, there was nothing in my purview that I could have changed.”

After the massacre, Federman was injured, From his hospital bed, he called the guard that had warned him. “I told him 'I wanted to talk to you about that recording you sent me a week before the festival, you were speaking in codes. Tell me exactly what they said to you.'

“He told me 'Elkana, they told me there was going to be an invasion, and that they were planning to take over towns. I just wasn't allowed to tell you that.'”